and it just hurts so fucking bad to lose someone that was the reason you got out of bed in the morning, the one that gave you a reason to keep going, because when you were with them, it seemed like maybe, things would be okay
- i miss you so much (via aggravations)


Remember in the 90’s there used be a room in your house that was called the “computer room”.


And just like my mom taught me, I remember why it is I shouldn’t love you more. You’re breaking me and I’m willingly giving you the broken pieces.
When prayer is missing from our life, when sleep and laziness control us, we spend countless time and energy trying to make our life work. But as it says in Psalm 1, when we meditate upon our Lord day and night, we become like a tree that brings forth much fruit, and everything that we do prospers. Our time is multiplied. Our effectiveness is multiplied.
- Leslie Ludy (via jeremiah33three)
I watched you lose interest in someone you said you’d love till the end of time. From that moment on I realized I’d never fully trust the words of a lover’s mouth again.
- Untitled (via perfect)